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Neido Render


Slithraa said" The Serpentine have jusssst arrived" Acidicus said" That isssss good" Skalidor said" Hey, Acidicusssss, Lizaru and Sspitta issssn't presssent" Acidicus said" Why issss that?" Fangtom said" Slithraa, Mezmo issss alsssssso abssssent" Slithraa said" That issss sssstrange, he issss with Rattla" Rattla walked up to Slithraa and said" I have no idea where Mezmo issss" Slithraa said" I have no idea either" The Skulkin filed in. Lord Garmadon said" How is the conquest going?"

Shale, Neido and Sensei Wu were on the Ultra Dragon. The Portal opened. The Ultra Dragon flew through. The Portal closed. Sensei Wu was rubbing his staff. Shale held onto the reins. The Portal opened. The three were at the Mountain of Million Steps. Acidicus said" Look, it issssss Sensei Wu" The Skulkin and the Serpentine turned around. Lord Garmadon and Slithraa ordered them to attack.

Acidicus said" Sensei Wu, and Two Ninja can't defeat the armies" Lord Garmadon said" This is great, they are distracted, and we could ambush the Ninja" Slithraa said" That is a great idea" Fangtom, Skalidor, Acidicus, Slithraa waited for the Portal to open.

Wyplash was in the Main Chamber. He said" What happened to my scythe?" Wyplash said" I am severly injured, and I was defeated" Krazi appeared. Wyplash said" I thought you were in Ninjago" Krazi said" Nope, What is your command?" Wyplash said" Those days are over" Krazi said" That is just Krazi talk, Woah, I just said my name in a sentence" Wyplash ignored Krazi's rambling. Wyplash sighed.

Lloyd, Mezmo, Spitta and Lizaru were in the Caves of Despair. Lloyd said" Great, that is just great, no one is here" Spitta said" You may not sssse the Anacondrai out in the clear, there are cavessss here, Those sssurvivorssss are probably planning in them right now" Mezmo and Lizaru started to play cards while Lloyd and Spitta spoke.

The Portal opened. Lord Garmadon, Slithraa, Acidicus, Skalidor and Fangtom saw the Ninja. Lord Garmadon laughed. The Ninja turned around. The "Ninja" were actually training dummies. Lord Garmadon said" The White Ninja must of had a vision of our arrival" Slithraa said" Look, they are on the roof you leaped from to desssssstroy the Devourer" Lord Garmadon said" They just can't hide forever" Lord Garmadon said" Take a Golden Weapon" Slithraa picked the Nunchucks, Acidicus picked the Shruikens, Fangtom picked the Sword of Fire, and Skalidor picked the Scythe of Quakes. Lord Garmadon said" Ninja, prepare for a battle you won't forget!"......

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