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Neido Render




Zane's dream

The Green Ninja

Shale's Spinjitzu and Neido's Imagination Spinjitzu combined. Sensei Wu looked in amazement. A medium sized Spinjitzu tornado appeared. Wyplash threw his straw hat. The Spinjitzu combination made Wyplash back away. He quickly removed the cell bars and threw them at Shale and Neido. Sensei Wu was free and slammed Wyplash to the obsidian floor. He said"You aren't even ready to face my pinky toe, Wyplash"

Slithraa said" Skalidor, the planning issss about to sssstart" Skalidor said" Good, I wassssss waiting" Acidicus said" Here comesssss Lord Garmadon" Fangtom said" The plansssss have jusssst begun" Lord Garmadon said" You are correct, Fangtom"

Lloyd, Mezmo and Rattla and Lizaru looked around. Lizaru said" They esssscaped" Lloyd said" The Anacondrai still exist" Mezmo said" Where did thossssse Serpentine esssscape to?" Spitta said" I sssaw the location they were heading before that Purple Portal closssed" Mezmo said" What wasss the location?" Spitta said" It was the Cavesssss of Dessspair"

The Ninja were back in Ninjago City. It was a usual day. The news said" The Great Grundle disappeared" Jay woke up Zane. Zane said" What happened to the Neon Hunter?" Kai said" I have no idea" Jay said" Did you have a vision?" Zane said"Yes" Cole said" What was it about?" Zane started to answer their question.

Sensei Wu said" You two made a Spinjitzu combination" Shale and Neido nodded. Wyplash's scythe laid on the obsidian. Sensei Wu picked up the Scythe. Shale and Neido contacted The Ultra Dragon. Sensei Wu said" It is still injured" Shale and Neido nodded. Lord Garmadon's laugh was heard. Sensei Wu, Shale and Neido flew away on The Ultra Dragon.......

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