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Lizaru and Lloyd walked down the alley. Mezmo and Spitta followed. Lizaru said" Pythor was the last Anacondrai" Mezmo said" There is no way

Can you find Pythor in this photo?

there are sssurvivorssss" Spitta still held onto his cards. Spitta walked away. He returned as the Lincoln Green Ninja. Lizaru said" That is interesting" Mezmo said"What issss?" Lizaru said" Spitta's sssuit" Spitta said"thanks"

Shale and Neido broke free of The Spykor's grip. Shale and Neido nodded. The two used their True Potential power for the first time. Shale and Neido rose up into a beam of green fumes. The Underworld was quaking. Shale and Neido's power made The Spykor allies. Shale and Neido's power was drained, as along with their energy. The Spykor carried them to the Main Chamber.

Jay, Kai, Cole and Zane discovered a exit. The cruiseship was overheating. Zane froze the rising flames. Jay continued to run. Zane saw a vision of the Anacondrai. He fell. Cole said" He must of had a another vision" as he picked him up. Kai led them to the exit. The Neon Hunter's suit was on the floor,with his suit on fire. The roof started to crumble. Kai said" The Neon Hunter is in danger" Cole said" Kai, the roof is collapsing" The roof started to collapse. The Portal appeared in front of the exit. Jay, Cole, Kai and unconscious Zane got in. The Portal closed.

The roof collapsed. The Neon Hunter couldn't make it. The debris started falling down. The Neon Hunter felt the roof fall onto him. He was dying slowly. He dropped his I.D Card. It said: Logan Marek. He then heard the cruiseship explode, and then him.

Slithraa said" Why would Lloyd visssit here?" Acidicus said" I don't know" Skalidor said" Lord Garmadon, can we ressssume planning?" Lord Garmadon said" Yes, Skalidor, we can continue planning"

Shale and Neido regained their energy and walked into the Main Chamber's hallway. Wyplash appeared. Shale said" Are you a guard?" Wyplash said" No, I was recently injured by Lord Garmadon's swirl of darkness. I am afraid you can't pass" Shale and Neido glared at him. Before Shale and Neido could fight him, Wyplash fell over in pain. They opened the doors.

Lizaru, Lloyd, Mezmo and Spitta saw the Anacondrai again. The Anacondrai then disappeared. They continued to follow The Anacondrai. Lloyd, Lizaru, Mezmo and Spitta saw a purple Portal close.

Shale and Neido walked in. They went to Sensei Wu's cell. Wyplash appeared again with a Scythe. Wyplash said" Fight me first" Shale and Neido started to perform Spinjitzu.....

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