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Neido Render


Neon Hunter



The Great Grundal

Sensei Wu tried Spinjitzu on the cell bars. Lord Garmadon's shadow said" Not even the power of Spinjitzu can slice these obsidian bars. Lord Garmadon's shadow disappeared. Sensei Wu picked up a obsidian rock. Sensei Wu scraped the obsidian rock to the cell bars.

Shale and Neido headed towards the Main Chamber. Spykors appeared and sharpened their sharp legs. Shale and Neido backed away. The Spykors got closer. Shale and Neido jumped over the Spykors. Shale and Neido escaped the Spykors but fell. Shale and Neido were still being chased. The Spykors pinned Shale and Neido to the obsidian floor.

Brad and Gene were still at the Toxic Bogs. A while later, Gene started to rest. Brad looked at his Blizzard Blue Ninja outfit. The Toxic Bogs bubbled. A Grundal emerged from it. It ran through the trees. Gene woke up. Brad said" It is heading towards Ninjago City"

The Skulkin were sharpening their weapons. The Grundal charged through. The Grundal grew. The toxic from the Toxic Bogs made it grow. The Skulkin looked in awe. The Grundal ran through the goo from the Devourer. The Grundal became the Great Grundal. Chopov threw a trashcan at it.

The Neon Hunter led the Ninja after Lord Garmadon, Dark Slithraa, Acidicus, Skalidor, and Fangtom. Zane grapped onto a pipe. The pipe had spikes on it. Zane said" Ow" and fell. Jay picked up Zane. The floor was starting to heat up. Cole said" We have to use our potential power to shield us from the fire" Jay, Cole, Kai and Zane all did it. However, The potential power was causing the place to fall apart. The Ninja flew over the fire floor. The Ninja returned back to themselves. Kai said" Where is the Neon Hunter?" The Neon Hunter appeared. Jay said" There he is" The Neon Hunter said" I used to serve Lord Garmadon and Dark Slithraa, I don't anymore, now it is time to terminate all of you" Jay kicked the Neon Hunter. The Ninja ran through, avoiding the darts.

Spitta and Mezmo played cards in Ninjago City. The Great Grundal ran through Ninjago City and headed to Birchwood Forest. Mezmo said" That isss the Great Grundle, it isss smaller than the Devourer, but is very dangerousssss.... Spitta said" I win" Mezmo hissed.

Lord Garmadon opened The Portal. Dark Slithraa turned back to Slithraa. Slithraa said" We will head to the Mountain of a Million Ssssteps" Skalidor slithered into the Portal, along with Acidicus, Fangtom and Slithraa. Lord Garmadon thought heard Lloyd's voice. Lord Garmadon went inside The Portal before it closed. Lloyd's voice was heard again........

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