Can you find Pythor in this photo?


Ha Ha Ha!

Ermac's Profile Picture.png- Slithraa

Introducing... Dark Slithraa

Five Best Friends

The Ninja change their uniform back to ZX

M Jay

The Blizzard Blue Ninja

Blizzard Blue Ninja

The second Blizzard Blue Ninja

Neon Hunter


Sensei Wu took his katana out and tried to cut the cell bars. He drank some more tea and attempted to do it again.

Shale and Neido felt something on their feet. Mini Spykors. Shale and Neido performed Spinjitzu. The Mini Spykors looked as Shale and Neido walked away. Shale said" Are we closer to the Main Chamber?" Neido said"Yes"

Lasha was eating some fried chicken that he asked for. Mezmo set up a illusion of the Skulkin attacking Ninjago City. Lasha said"Interesssting"

Brad and Gene were still at the Toxic Bogs. They were keeping watch, as they were told. The Ninja ran pass them. Brad and Gene looked at them. They just went back to being guards.

The Ninja made it to Ninjago City. Kai said" Where is Jay?" Zane said" He is back there, still running" Cole said" Look, The Skulkin are attacking Ninjago City. Kai said" Those boneheads?" Jay said" What you are seeing isn't real, it is a illusion" Jay touched the image and it shimmered. Zane said" Where is Kai and Cole?" Jay said" They should be right th- Zane? Where are you?"

Jay walked through the illusion and it shimmered. The illusion was gone. Kai, Cole and Zane were tied up. Jay said" Great" Lord Garmadon, Dark Slithraa, Acidicus, Skalidor, and Fangtom stood there. The Skulkin then appeared and charged towards Jay. Dark Slithraa handed Lord Garmadon the Golden Weapons. The Portal opened. Jay jumped over the Skulkin, released Kai, Cole and Zane, and jumped in the Portal.

They found themselves in a cruiseship. It was almost completed. Skalidor pressed a button with his tail. Blades ran through the floor. The Ninja jumped over the blades. Acidicus threw his staff and it pulled a lever. Darts came out of the walls. Dark Slithraa used his honored weapon to create a gap between them. Lord Garmadon, Dark Slithraa, Acidicus, Skalidor, and Fangtom continued to walk through the cruiseship.

Brad and Gene sat the Toxic Bogs. They were looking at their Blizzard Blue Ninja costumes. Gene said" I have a stain of oil on mine" Brad looked at the stain of oil. Gene noticed how Brad wiped the oil off with a Ninjago cloth. Gene said" thanks"

The Ninja went to jump over the gap. A man wearing black and neon green with a sword, a machete and a blaster looked at them. Cole said" Are you a ally?" The man showed Cole his card. Kai read the card and said Ok. Jay, Zane and Cole looked at Kai. Kai said" What?" The man lets the Ninja jump over the gap and continue to walk. The man was the Neon Hunter. He typed something on his comlink. It said: I found the Ninja, Lord Garmadon and Dark Slithraa........

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