Can you find Pythor in this photo?


Ha Ha Ha!

Ermac's Profile Picture.png- Slithraa

Introducing... Dark Slithraa



Neido Render


The Bronze Robot flew Brad and Gene to the Toxic Bogs. Turns out, Lord Garmadon, Dark Slithraa, Acidicus, Fangtom and Skalidor were there. Brad and Gene couldn't hear what they were talking about. Gene stepped on a twig. Dark Slithraa said" Someone is here" Brad and Gene got in their ninja suits. Skalidor slithered out and threw his staff. Gene was hit by it. Brad started to run, and stepped on a twig. Brad was now in a net in the tree.

Sensei Wu was in his cell. He went to have tea, but it spilled. The tea didn't affect the bars of the cell. Sensei Wu wondered if there was a key.

Shale and Neido walked deeper into the Underworld. Neido said" The Main Chamber is on your right" Shale said" Why are we going there?" Neido said" I saw the Falcon, and it showed Sensei Wu was in a cell here" Shale didn't respond. Neido said" Shale? Shale? Shale?"

Kai said" I liked my new armour, but then Frakjaw ruined it. Jay said" Kai, don't let things bother you" Lloyd was being trained by Zane down the street. Cole said" I also liked my new armour, only if it was iceproof" Zane flew past Kai, Cole and Jay . Lloyd said" What just happened?" Zane said" You found a move from your elemental power" Jay said" Try it on me" Lloyd said" Ok" and fell on his face. Cole picked up Lloyd.

Spitta was on the Serpentine Bus. He was modifying his Lincoln Green Ninja suit. Lasha asked" Where are we going ?" Rattla said" The Lost City of Ouroborossss, we will lure the Ninja there and dissstract them while Slithraa, Lord Garmadon, Acidicus, Skalidor, and Fangtom ssstart their plan" * Lasha asked" Can I have some fried chicken?"*

Neido found Shale, being attacked by a Spykor. Neido did Imagination Spinjitzu and spun the Spykor to the other side of the Underworld. Shale said" Can you teach me that one day?" Neido looked around and shrugged.

Acidicus cut Brad down. Fangtom brought Brad and Gene to Lord Garmadon. Skalidor said" They aren't heroes, or villainssss, they jussst seem to fight the threatssss in Ninjago, and help thossse in assistance" Lord Garmadon said" Interesting" Brad and Gene agreed to keeping watch of the Toxic Bogs.

Lord Garmadon, Dark Slithraa, Fangtom, Skalidor and Acidicus went into Ninjago City. Dark Slithraa's energy turned the skies black. Acidicus said" Interesting" Skalidor said" Should the Serpentine come here?" Dark Slithraa said" Yessss" Fangtom said" We will lure the Ninjassss here"

The Serpentine Bus arrived. Mezmo said" I set up a plan to lure thossse Ninja here, a illusion of residents being attacked by The Skulkin will work" Lord Garmadon said" Great thinking, Mezmo" Dark Slithraa held his honored weapon......

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