Can you find Pythor in this photo?

The Green Ninja

The Green Ninja

General Slithraa

Hello there

Lloyd turned around the corner. Lord Garmadon did hear correctly. Lloyd focused. The Portal appeared ready for use. Lloyd said" Transport me to the Mountain of Million Steps" Lloyd walked in. The Ninja turned around to see Lloyd. The Portal closed. Jay said" Where is he going?"

Lloyd found himself at the Mountain of Million Steps. There he heard his father, Lord Garmadon and his ally, Slithraa. He peeked behind a rock. Acidicus, Skalidor and Fangtom listened. Skalidor said" I know a human is watching usss" Lloyd darted behind a pile of rocks. Acidicus said" I jussst sssaw a human dart behind that pile of rockssss" Fangtom said" You two ssshouldn't worry, you are probably sseeing ssshadows" Lloyd sighed in relief. Fangtom heard that and said" There issss a intruder" Quicky, Lloyd jumped off. Slithraa said" It is your ssson" Lloyd walked behind a rock.

Lord Garmadon said" What is Lloyd doing here?" Acidicus said" I heard hissss voice before we left" Lord Garmadon said" I heard my son's voice too" Lloyd said" He knew I was there" Lizaru said" Who are you?"

He told Lizaru that he was Lloyd Garmadon. Lloyd found a shovel. Lloyd started to dig. Lloyd didn't know why, but he was telling himself it was right. Lloyd's shovel hit a silver weapon. Lloyd picked it up and he started to glow. A voice said" Only the Green Ninja can touch his silver weapon" Lizaru said" That issss a weapon that issss very interesssting you jusssst dissscovered, Floyd" Lloyd said" You mean Lloyd" Lloyd started to walk. The Silver Weapon turned into a silver glider. Lloyd glided down to Ninjago City. Lizaru looked at the shovel.

Lloyd reached the ground. He was shocked to find Ninjago City empty. Empty, as in not busy like everyday. He saw Mezmo and Spitta playing cards. Mezmo said" You can play cardssss with Lizaru" Lloyd said" Ok"

Lloyd went down the street. Lloyd saw Lizaru. Lizaru said" You are Lloyd" He nodded. Lloyd sat down and started to play cards. Suddenly, Three Anacondrai peeked from a alley. Lloyd rubbed his eyes and realized they were gone. Lizaru said" I jusssst saw three Anacondrai".........



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