Neido Render


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Cole vs Lord Garmadon!

Note : * Comedy* These two asterisks mean a funny part.

Zane woke up. Jay said" What did you see, Zane?" Zane said"

Lord Garmadon vs Lloyd?

I saw Lord Garmadon, It was my dream of the Green Ninja, but it ended different, He was attacked by Lloyd, then it went black, then Lloyd fell off the Bounty and that was it"

Lloyd said" What is that supposed to be mean?" Nya took Lloyd to the Arcade. Lloyd followed Nya. Shale and Neido appeared. Cole said" Was that supposed to mean something?" Zane shrugged. Shale said" What happened?" Zane then told Shale and Neido the story.

Slithraa said" I like my honored weapon" Lord Garmadon said" Soon, we will start our plan" Spitta said" I ssssay we should dissstract the Ninja when the plan occurssss" *Chopov said" I like your thinking, Spitt... Spitter.... Spatter... Spita... Pita... Spitaaa..."* Spitta said" It is Spitta" Lord Garmadon and Slithraa nodded.

Neido said" That vision doesn't a good ending" Sensei Wu said" You never know, Zane's vision can the future, a possible future, or a future that can be prevented, Visions can have various meanings, I will check my Spirit Smoke to see if that vision is there, but for now, it is a mysterious vision that not even I can understand" The Ninja, Sensei Wu and Shale and Neido walked down the street.

Lord Garmadon said" When the plan is finalized, I will follow with Spitta's plan, or I can challenge the Ninja and defeat them" Spitta said" The sssecond option ssssounds more evil" The Skulkin and the Serpentine cheered.

Zane saw a another vision. It showed Cole and Lord Garmadon fighting for the Scythe of Quakes. Zane went to tell the others. He then ran into a tree. Suddenly, Zane didn't remember the second vision.Jay's voice was heard and then Zane just blacked out.

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