Can you find Pythor in this photo?

The Special # 2
Slithraa at the Slither Pit

The battle

The Serpentine made it to the Slither Pit. Slithraa put the Staff in the ice. Mezmo explained the rules, as they aren't any, and what he says goes. Mezmo and Rattla put the Staff near them.

Skales picked a sword, a shield, and a dagger from the ice weaponry selection. Slithraa took a shield, a blade and a sword. Slithraa and Skales' eyes locked.

Slithraa tossed his shield. Skales looked around, and hit him in the tail. Skales shouted in pain. Slithraa hissed. Skales took his dagger out. Slithraa's shield overpowered the dagger. Skales almost fell. Slithraa picked the dagger and twirled towards Skales. Skales slithered over to Rattla and Mezmo. Mezmo knew what he was trying to do, he was trying to take the Staff.

Mezmo threw a sword at Skales's hand. Skales slithered over to fight Slithraa. Slithraa stepped on Skales' tail. Skales hissed in pain. Slithraa twisted Skales' arm. Skales was dizzy. Shale and Neido came in. Skales looked at them. Actually, Shale and Neido slid in here.

Rattla said" What are you two ninjassss doing in thissss sssspecial event?" Shale whispered. Neido said" The Skulkin returned from the Underworld" Mezmo said" Essscort them out"

Shale and Neido went outside. Slithraa watched as Skales began to fall. Skales was done. Mezmo threw the Staff to Slithraa. Slithraa said" Thankssss" The Slither Pit roof was starting to shake. Slithraa said" Now, I will be General again, Ssskaless" The Hypnobrai cheered. Skales admitted defeat. The roof was shaking again. Rattla said" Thissss issssn't ssssafe"

Shale and Neido told the Serpentine to leave the Slither Pit. The entrances were blocked by ice. Mezmo and Rattla looked at Skales and Slithraa. The ice fell, and shattered. Mezmo and Rattla ducked. Slithraa ducked. Skales ducked. The roof shattered......

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