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Neido Render


Slithraa and Chopov looked around. The Ultra Dragon soared into the Ninjago skies. Slithraa hissed. Chopov started for any ninja activity. Slithraa found the staff.

A figure jumped into a tree. Wildwood Forest. Slithraa saw the figure, wearing a Lincoln Green Ninja outfit. Now, I can find him and hypnotizzze him..... Chopov returned.

The Lincoln Green Ninja jumped down from the trees. He instantly took Chopov's blade and held Chopov off the ground. He kicked the Lincoln Green Ninja. Slithraa said" Are you a hero?" The Lincoln Green Ninja shook his head. Slithraa asked"
Then why did you attack us?" The new Ninja wrote on a paper: I heard about a rogue Hypnobrai and a Skulkin. Slithraa nodded and said" Now, are you interested in ssserving us?"

The Lincoln Green Ninja agreed. Slithraa said" Chopov, gather the Ssskulkin" He agreed. Slithraa said" I have a plan and I want you to find the Ninja" The Lincoln Green Ninja jumped into the trees to search for the Ninja. Slithraa said" Now, I will find a ally, the ally who destroyed the Great Devourer"

Shale and Neido observed at the Ultra Sonic Raider. The vehicle was still damaged. Unknown to the two ninja, The Serpentine and The Skulkin appeared behind them. Shale and Neido heard Nuckal cough and revealed their weapons. The Ninja went to help Shale and Neido. Slithraa, Chopov and the Lincoln Green Ninja interrupted and Slithraa ordered the Serpentine and the Skulkin to attack. Two sides ran to each other. Slithraa watched with Chopov and the Lincoln Green Ninja.

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