Neido Render




Shale and Neido looked at the Blizzard Blue Ninja. Shale asked" Who is he?" Neido shrugged. The Falcon soared and landed on Shale's shoulder. The Blizzard Blue Ninja
M Jay

The Blizzard Blue Ninja

Blizzard Blue Ninja

The second Blizzard Blue Ninja

was followed by a another Blizzard Blue Ninja. Shale and Neido looked at the two ninja.

The two Blizzard Ninja looked at Shale and Neido. The two Blizzard Blue Ninja challenged Shale and Neido to a duel as allies. The duel started. The first Blizzard Blue did a flip. Shale did a flying kick. The Blizzard Blue Ninja avoided Shale. Neido performed Imagination Spinjitzu. The Second Blizzard Blue Ninja backed away. Shale and Neido performed Spinjitzu. The two Blizzard Blue Ninja threw marbles to the grass. Shale and Neido jumped over the marbles. The marbles returned back to the jar. The first Blizzard Blue Ninja threw rope at Shale's feet. Neido's sword went to slash the rope. Instead, the rope whipped Neido.

Shale and Neido did a flip. The two Blizzard Blue Ninja jumped. Shale's foot was caught in a vine. Neido cut the vine with his sword. He performed Imagination Spinjitzu. The wind passed by, and he lost control of the Spinjitzu. Shale, The two Blue Blizzard Ninja and Neido all fell.

Shale and Neido took off the hoods of the two Blizzard Blue Ninja. It was... Brad and Gene. The two Blizzard Ninja jumped into the trees. Shale said" Interesting" Neido said" I never thought Brad and Gene could be Ninjas"

Slithraa looked as the two ninja were picked up by the Ultra Dragon. Chopov followed,and looked.

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