Neido Render



The Venomari

Shale and Neido observed the Toxic Bogs. Shale picked up Acidicus's staff. Neido looked at it. A hiss was heard. Shale said" The Venomari returned" Neido said" They want a brawl, they got it" Lizaru appeared behind Shale. Neido kicked Lizaru into a cave. Acidicus ordered Spitta to attack. Shale kicked Spitta. Neido performed Imagination Spinjitzu. The Venomari retreated in fear once, again. Neido said" Imagination Spinjitzu is a different type of Spinjitzu. I created it. The enemies don't know its power" Shale nodded. The Falcon soared over. The Ultra Dragon flew to the Toxic Bogs. Shale and Neido got on. The two ninja were dropped off at the Forests of Tranquility. Shale and Neido said"thanks" The Ultra Dragon roared"Your Welcome" Brad and Gene examined the Ultra Dragon.
-Brad Tudabone-

Brad Tudabone

Shale and Neido looked around. Two voices were heard. Neido knew the voices, Kruncha and Nuckal. Kruncha and Nuckal walked where Shale and Neido stood. Kruncha and Nuckal ran away. A shadow appeared. The shadow of Lord Garmdon. Shale and Neido looked at Garmadon's shadow. Garmadon said" You see my shadow, and you can't fight a shadow, but you can fight Skalidor and the Constrictai" Shale and Neido turned around. The Constrictai were followed by a Grundal"

Garmadon's shadow disappeared. Skalidor said" I find the skeleton of a Grundal while burrowing. Bytar found a pebble. The pebble unearthed the Grundal and made come alive again after being extinct. Skalidor put the pebble in the staff and ordered the Grundal to attack. The Constrictai left. The Grundal roared.

Adventures of Shale and Neido- Mission 3

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