The Grundal roared. Shale flipped and kicked it. Neido slid under the Grundal. He got on the creature.
Neido Render


It roared. Shale and Neido ran through the forest. It started to charge. The two hid in a tree. It sniffed the tree. Neido threw a pinecone at it. Shale jumped on the creature. Neido said" Can you tame that creature?" Shale nodded. He petted the creature. It hummed. Shale jumped down. Neido and Shale walked away.

The Grundal followed the Ninja. Neido kicked in it's eyes. The Ultra Dragon flew down. The Ninja jumped on. The Ultra Dragon flew to Ninjago City. Neido noticed that it was still injured from the Devourer. Shale and Neido looked at a billboard. It was Ninjago News. The reporter was talking about a creature. The Grundal. The creature was attacking Inuits in the Glacier Barrens.

Shale and Neido rushed over. The Bronze Robot was firing laser blasts at it. The Grundal's tail slammed the Bronze Robot. Shale attempted to tame it. He was hit by its tail. Neido said "No" He attacked the Grundal. The Bronze Robot fired its lasers again. The Grundal dug through the ice. The creature was blasted out of the ice. Zane was hiding in the ice. The Bronze Robot and Zane continued to fight the Grundal.

Neido walked through Brichwood Forest. Shale was there, and he was held by a Treehorn. Neido performed Imagination Spinjitzu. The treehorn dropped Shale. He caught his partner. The Ultra Dragon rammed into the Treehorn. The tall creature fell into the snow. Shale and Neido got back on the Dragon.

Zane was still fighting the Grundal. Zane said" I don't need help" He performed his potential power and froze the Grundal. Zane said" That would be a great ice sculpture" He turned off his humor mode. Zane jumped onto the Ultra Dragon, with Shale and Neido.



250px-Robot2 ep.7

The Bronze Robot

Zane returned back to Ninjago City. The Ultra Dragon dropped Shale and Neido at Wildwood Forest. The Ultra Dragon flew back to Ninjago City. Shale and Neido looked around.Brad Tudabone was walking and went to climb a tree. A figure in a Blizzard Blue Ninja outfit watched the two from a tree. The Falcon flew to them. The mysterious Ninja disappeared in the trees.
-Brad Tudabone-

Brad Tudabone

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