Shale and Neido were in the Glacier Barrens. Shale said" I remember hearing when I was young, that a Bronze Robot protected the workshop in Birchwood Forest. Neido said" Interesting"

The two ninja walked throught Birchwood Forest. Neido walked through the snow. Shale hit something with his foot. Neido used his Imagination Spinjitzu to reveal what Shale hit. It was the Bronze Robot. Shale saw the Falcon and told it to inform Sensei Wu about the Bronze Robot. Neido found it easy to reboot it again. The Bronze Robot saw a Treehorn in the distance.

Shale and Neido jumped into the snowy trees. The Bronze Robot's energy bolts shone through the forest. The juggernaut flew back to the two ninja. The Falcon returned. Shale said" Great job, my friend" A golden screw fell on the snow. Neido screwed it back on.

Shale and Neido ordered the Falcon to observe the forest. The two ninja left and went back to the Glacier Barrens. The Ultra Dragon went to pick up Shale and Neido. Brad and Gene started a snowball fight.
-Brad Tudabone-

Brad Tudabone

The Ultra Dragon took the two to Spririt Coves. The Mailman was there. Shale and Neido recieved their mail. The ninja said" Thanks" He responded" Anytime"

The Ultra Dragon dropped Shale and Neido at the Toxic Bogs. The Venomari appeared behind the two. Acidicus slithered in front of them. Shale and Neido performed Spinjitzu. Acidicus backed away and threw his staff. Neido's sword blocked it and the staff ricocheted. Lizaru attacked Shale. Neido swung from a vine and kicked Acidicus and Lizaru. The Venomari retreated into the Toxic Bogs.

Tommorrow: Adventures of Shale and Neido- Mission 2
Neido Render



The Falcon

250px-Robot2 ep.7

The Bronze Robot

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