Neido Render


General Slithraa

Hello there

Shale and Neido stood outside the Hypnobrai entrance to their cave. Shale went to pull the lever. Skales walked behind him and picked up him up. Neido ordered him to let Shale go. Slithraa appeared behind Skales. Skales was kicked to the snow. Slithraa said" I needed to do that for a whilee...." Neido said" I would of used Imagination Spinjitzu on Skales" Slithraa said" Why are you heree?" Shale said" I went to find Skales' staff" Slithraa said" Hmm... He lossst his ssstaff"

Neido nodded. Slithraa said" I heard that you two faced the Grundal" Shale said"Yeah" The Ultra Dragon flew over tp pick up the two Ninja. Slithraa hissed. Shale and Neido were soon flying.

Slithraa saw the Hypnobrai Staff. He said" Skales is still general, but I found the staff" Slithraa hissed wickedly. He walked away into the blizzard. The Falcon soared overhead.

Shale and Neido made it to the Caves of Despair. Kruncha and Nuckal were there. Kruncha and Nuckal backed away. Shale said" What are you doing here? Nuckal said" Nothing" Neido said" Really?" Kruncha grabbed his blade. Neido performed Imagination Spinjitzu. Kruncha flew out of the tornado and moaned in pain. Nuckal picked up Kruncha and the two ran away. Chopov and Frakjaw started to follow the two Ninja.

Neido turned around. Shale said" What's wrong?" Frakjaw went to kick him. Neido did Imagination Spinjitzu and blew him out of the tornado. Frakjaw got up and ran into the caves. Chopov watched from behind a boulder. Slithraa said " Greetings" to Chopov. Chopov said"I know you, You are Slithraa" He nodded. Chopov shined his blade. Slithraa shined his staff. Shale and Neido walked into the caves.

Nuckal, Kruncha and Frakjaw ran out of the caves. Jay jumped in front of the Skeletons. Jay did Spinjitzu, and the Skeletons jumped on the Skull Truck, drove by Wyplash. Jay said" They will be back"

Shale and Neido waited for the Ultra Dragon. The Dragon came and picked up the two Ninja. The Ultra Dragon flew them to the Sea of Sand. Cole, Kai and Zane arrived. Slithraa looked at the four ninja.

Gene looked for Brad Tudabone in Ninjago City. The Blizzard Blue Ninja said" Hey, Brad went inside the arcade. Here take some tokens" Gene walked into the arcade.

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