Can you find Pythor in this photo?


The two sides of good and evil ran towards each other. Frakjaw was hit by Jay's fist.Mezmo kicked Kai into Zane. Zane and Mezmo started to fight. Cole was fighting Skalidor and Bytar. Chopov was kicked by The Green Ninja. Acidicus slithered after Lloyd. He fell. Jay picked up Lloyd and kicked Acidicus into Lizaru, Lasha and Spitta. Zane was fighting Chokun. Fang-Suei took a bite of Zane's outfit.

Jay took the Fangpyre Staff from Fangtom. Zane fell onto Kai. Jay and Cole were fighting Kruncha and Nuckal. Shale and Neido were fighting Krazi and Frakjaw. Skalidor slammed Kruncha and Nuckal out of the way. Cole and Skalidor were fighting. Jay told Cole to do the Triple Tiger Sashsay before being tackled by Acidicus. Cole did so, and did it on Acidicus, Skales and Fangtom. Slithraa laughed when Skales fell.

Sensei Wu threw his staff at Chopov's head. Chopov growled. The Lincoln Green Ninja joined the battle. Sensei Wu was kicked back by the Lincoln Green Ninja. Shale and Neido picked up Sensei Wu. The Lincoln Green Ninja disappeared.

Lord Garmadon's shadow appeared. Sensei Wu stepped back. Lord Garmadon ordered Chopov to take Sensei Wu using the Portal. The Portal appeared, and Chopov and Sensei Wu were gone. Kai was being attacked by Acidicus. Cole jumped in front of Kai. Acidicus glared at Cole with his four eyes.

The Portal returned. Chopov returned. The Skulkin jumped into the Portal. The Lincoln Green Ninja followed them there. The battle was over. The Ninja returned and vowed to rescue Sensei Wu. Shale and Neido walked away. Slithraa and Chopov were contacted by Lord Garmadon's shadow. The shadow said" The plan is almost complete"


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