Aaron is a character created by Sensei PurpleBrick. Please do not use the character or alter the article without her permission.


Aaron is outgoing and makes friends easily. He is thoughtful and tries to help and be kind to those who need it, but can get a bit impatient when things refuse to change. A ninja who likes to keep on the move. His element is Lightning (which happens to have a minor effect on Darkthings ), and his weapons of choice are shurikens.


Aaron has short red hair and dark blue eyes. He wears a typical ninja gi in blue. (He's also really cute)


Aaron had a very normal and boring childhood. He attended a larger ninja school, and as a result has several ninja friends, though none are very close to him.

The Light Meets the Dark (Spoilers)Edit

Aaron enters this story by delivering a message to Allie's sensei. He meets Allie, and, seeing her need for a friend, decides to stick around and be a "replacement" for her lost partner Keara. A rather romantic relationship develops, but Allie refused to give up on Keara, so Aaron reluctantly backed down.

Aaron was present when Allie was kidnapped by Keara's henchmen, and tried to rescue her as they took her. But Allie made him remain, saying that he needed to protect Ninjago from the coming attack. This he attempted to to with some of his old friends, but with none of them possessing the power needed, little was done. But fortunately Allie returns, and Aaron has the pleasure of watching Keara's transformation.


  • Allie - Her unhappy situation quickly brought Aaron's pity. But even his good intentions couldn't replace her corrupted friend. The two have a romantic interest in each other, and keep in contact. Ship away, dearies!
  • Keara - Not knowing much about her except that she was corrupted, Aaron was slightly jealous of Keara, thinking of her as what stood between him and Allie being together. But when he meets her and sees the joyous reunion between the girls, he changes his mind.

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