The teammates crew open up a loom bands maker, but when Jones falls in love with naomy after sandra use love potion on them, Darlyn and Lloyd are left alone to solve a murder mystery.


Chief Aaron is bludgeoned to death with his own lamp by an unseen assailant he recognizes while write to report; he is the latest of twelve chiefs to be killed. Meanwhile, Darlyn, lloyd and the little helpers are running a "Item to Door" delivery service from their shop "Loom bands item". On one such delivery, the teamamtes crew and the little helpers save jared lovewell, a former owner of Grimsborough scout school and his child teen daughter, Sandra lovewell, a young pin-up girl mascot for the Grimsborough scout company, and her miniature puppy, howard, when the brakes on her bike appear to fail. They drive alongside so Jones can attempt to use pastries to stop, but they careen into a zoo and barely escape being eaten by a crocodile. Darlyn tests the bicycle brakes and becomes suspicious on learning that the brakes work perfectly fine, but Jones becomes smitten with Naomy, after Sandra use love spray on them.

A whirlwind romance ensues, during which it is also shown that the nervous Sandra is treated rather shabbily by her father. During the romance, naomy gives the entire house a "love's touch," decorating the whole house with family romance pictures and flowers (including Jones's room). In addition, Naomy pushes Darlyn and lloyd out of their relationship with Jones and spends more and more time with him. Angry that jared has interrupted their relationship with Jones and modified the house, Darlyn is about to start destroying the decorations when Sandra stops by their room. Sandra and Elf share a sensitive moment after she timidly returns Darlyn and Lloyd's possessions, which have been discarded by jared. However, when jared leaves his daughter purse at the house, Darlyn and lloyd decides to return it, but it is raining outside. Not wanting to get wet, they insists that darlyn return it instead. Upon arriving at The lovewell's affluent mansion, Darlyn and Lloyd discovers several dressmaker's dummies in his bedroom, each wearing a police's hat and badge. In a book, Darlyn and Lloyd discovers photographs of jared and Sandra with the murdered chiefs and police. To their horror, Darlyn, lloyd and the little helper discovers jared is the "Cereal Killer" as they discovers a picture with Jones's chief as his apparent intended thirteenth victim, thus completing a "chiefs's dozen." Lloyd accidentally knocks over all the dummies, but gets them all back up again before jared enters the bedroom, escaping detection by hanging from the chandelier. Despite Jared's lavish ways, sandra and howard has to sleep in her bedroom, covered with a tattered rag, implying years of mistreatment.

Despite Jones's chief being oblivious, Darlyn and Lloyd attempts to thwart jared by installing an airport-style metal detector in their home. After tricking Jones's chief into thinking that Darlyn attack him, jared almost succeeds at pushing King to his death whilst a chained up Darlyn and Lloyd can only watch, but he is thwarted by being struck by a bag of seed from Jones's pool whirl. After an angry outburst against chiefs, she leaves but returns a day later to apologise with a large cake. Darlyn says that it will do nicely for four o'clock tea. When jared is leaving to attend to the absent Sandra and howard (who is "not well"), she tells them she will be getting a surprise. A worried mae follows her home only to be caught and imprisoned with Sandra and Howard in a storeroom. Escaping in Jared's old Grimsborough scout hot air balloon, they arrive at Jones's Police departmentas he is lighting the candle.

After a struggle, the cake falls to the floor and a bomb inside is revealed. While attempting to dispose of the bomb, Darlyn,Lloyd and Jones are attacked by jared, who reveals he is the "cereal killer" and detests chiefs and their creations for ruining his figure and his daughter's career as the Grimsborough scout girl after his obesity from consuming too many pastries meant he could not ride her balloon anymore. While attempting to finish off Samuel, a battle ensues between Jared and Sandra in a yellow forklift truck covered by giant gloves.

In the chaos, the bomb ends up in the back of Jones's gown pant in pythor's back. Darlyn and Lloyd neutralize the explosion using a large amount of water while jared uses the distraction to leap onto her balloon and escape. However, owing to her weight, the balloon crashes into the crocodile pit at the zoo where he is eaten alive (off-screen). The balloon floats away with Jared's ghost (his former slim self) waving goodbye to His daughter. Distraught by the death of her father, sandra leaves, with both Darlyn and Lloyd depressed over their losses (though Sarah cheers up after a good time while Sandra's boyfriend is little helper is still upset). Deciding to take their minds off things, they head out to deliver loom bands and find Sandra standing in the driveway, uncertain as to what to do or where to go. She joins them in the van and the other drive off into the sunset.

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