When Kai, Jay, Zane and Cole go over to Solves the Cases as The Murder Detectives, Kai falls in love with a wool store owner named Donnellana Tess Slabottom. While muriel is afraid of Cheeses and Pies From Le Quack. The Four ninjas set up a wrestling match for her. Meanwhile, Jones is framed for killing Yak and is put in jail at the Grimsborough. So with help from the yak and Donnellana, Kai and three mates must get him out of prison at Grimsborough.


In the middle of the night, a small Baby Yak escapes from a mysterious lorry and enters the house of Kai and his mates, who are currently running a Criminal business. The next morning, Kai and his mates fail to notice the Yak chewing at their food and furniture, as well as their new Sugar Gun, before they leave for work. After muriel is Scared away by Le quack While they Solves a murder cases at a Supplies shop, Kai meets and falls in love with Donnellana Tess slabottom, the shopkeeper. She is the daughter of a late fighter and Late Nurse and owns her sinister Teenage Student like Daughter named Christina Slabottom, who runs a Yak-rustling scheme to supply the shop. After returning from work, they finally discover the Yak, who has wrecked their furniture and is covered in mess.

To clean him up, Zane puts the sheep into one of inventions; the Knit-o-Matic. Elf, Sarah and Ginger programs it to give a "Wash". However, the device unexpectedly becomes faulty and resets to "Light Shave", and proceeds to suck the Yak into the rest of the machine, give him a shear and knit his fur into a small sweater. The Yak emerges from the machine shivering, despite being unharmed; Jones names him "Rose" (a pun on the word "Rase") and dresses him in the sweater. Christina spies on the scene while hiding in a drain and after they leave, she sneaks in and steals the design blueprints for the Knit-o-Matic.

The next day, Kai and his mates are arresting the Mugger outside Donnellana's shop, and Kai pays Donnellana another visit. Jones Transform himself as Red masque attempts to investigate what Christina is doing, When Muriel is at The Wrestlers stage with Le quack who beat the Ninjas up then Kidnap Muriel into escape Jones become Furious that Donnellana was a HeroSkipper like a Ninja, Detective Ninja so Jones beat her then Take Rose from Her, but accidentally ends up getting framed for the Yak rustling and is captured by Christina. Jones is handed into the authorities and sentenced to life in prison At Grimsborough City while Kai finds his house overrun with yak. Injured-Bandaged Donnellana tearfully visits to tell him not to Share her Memory Promise anymore out of her concern for Jones.

At night time, Kai Sees Elf and Ginger was surprised in Fear Of Le quack that Kai was not feared when it came to Le Quack's minions, mirroring Mentioned Flashback how Darlene Maylee "Darlyn Mae" P. De Guzman and Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon was surprised in Fear when Kai demonstrated undeniable bravery during the events of The Stolen Memories and A Half hour in Teenage Child series one. The Little Helpers was saved by Kai's Mates.

Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Rose and the other yak rescue Jones from prison and they hide out in the fields, where Kai attempts to talk Jones into fleeing the country. Donnellana and Christina arrive and round up the Yak, whereupon the former confronts the latter after seeing him threatening Rose, demanding that Christina put an end to her rustling. However, Christina turns against Her teacher after Scare Le quack away and locks her in the lorry with the captured yak (including Rose) and drives away. Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole and Jones overhear Donnellana pleading "Let me out! You're not going to turn me and Old lady into Disgusting meat!", thus revealing Christina's true intention: to slaughter the yak from the thefts in an attempt to secure the brand of food meat for profit, even if it includes murdering her teacher in the same manner.

Kai and his mates give chase on their Police Car and Bike, hoping to save Donnellana and the yak and clear Jones's name. During the chase, the Police car Jones rides in separates and heads down another road before flying off the edge of a cliff. Jones saves himself by activating the police car's ability to turn into an airplane, and flies after Kai's police Car and the lorry. Both their attempts to stop Christina, including Jones using the Sugar Gun, fail, and Christina traps Kai and His mates in her lorry. The captives are taken into factory, where Christina has used the stolen blueprints to build a giant replica of the Knit-o-Matic machine, much to The objections. The captives are loaded into the wash basin, with Rose escaping, and Christina pulls out the nozzle to suck them into the Knit-o-Matic. As Kai, His mates and Donnellana fight against the suction, Rose activates neon advertisements, revealing the factory's location to Jones, who then flies in and attacks Christina with the Sugar Gun. Rose is then able to pull the nozzle away to suck Christina into the Knit-o-Matic, which Sarah programs to give a "Close Knit". During the shearing, Christina revealed by Donnellana to be a malfunctioning "Siren Mermaid" found from Dark Island Into Transformed into Human with Skin by her Husband (Who killed by His Wife who kills him with poisonous Needle.) to protect his wife, but for some reason the nightmare murder has Been "turned out evil Curse" breaks out of the machine with her fake skin ripped off, revealing her Monstrous Siren form. Unable to see after being Wrapped in a Gauze knitted out of her fake skin, Christina blunders around and accidentally loads herself and Jones onto the conveyor belt of his "Mutton-o-Matic" mincing machine. Jay's attempts to turn it off end in all of them getting loaded on (except Rose). As they all fight against the conveyor belt, Rose swings over them on an anvil and knocks Christina into the machine, where she is destroyed and her remains are turned into Paint.

At the end of the film, Jones is exonerated from all charges of the thefts into Become Red Masque, Kai has rebuilt Christina back to the harmless Teenager into Fully-Human form he used to be with an antidote potion, and Donnellana stops by to thank him. However, when Kai And his mates invites her in to have cheese At his house, they learns that she's allergic to cheese, much to Kai's dismay ("Not even You Just like My Ex-wife Because I'm Her Ex-Husband?"). What's more, Angela Hit Kai in the head, Angry that he flirt with Donnellana but Kai apologies to his wife. Rose and Three Yaks has been hiding in the cheese tray and Food tray and despite being ordered by Kai, Jay, Zane and Cole to go for him, Jones and Naomy ignores them.

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