Sensei Wu: What are your goals?

???: My goals...hehehe....are a secret.....

??? is a strange man is a Hazmat suit with shades who's name, loyalties and ambitions are currently unknown. He is so strong he managed to kill everyone in Ninjago.
Ninjago Hazmat Villian

??? with Nuckal's Sharingan.

History Edit

Sensei Wu's Childhood Edit

??? took Takeshi (Sensei Wu's friend) and mutated him.

Lords of the Sharingan ArcEdit

??? returned to take the Sharingan from Kai, but the ninjas kept of trying to stop him so he killed everyone in Ninjago. He took the Sharingan then rived them all and teleported away. He kept fighting against the ninja and winning but never managed to take Lloyd, which seemed to be what he was trying to do.

The Power of ??? ArcEdit

Skater Girl (also known as Roxanne) came in this arc and was beating up ???, being to be the only one who could actually hurt him. She and Cole fell in love at one point and fought together against ???. Later, Nya declared she and Jay were going to get married which caused everyone to fall out, so the ninja group was over. ??? then took Lloyd and took his DNA, making him become the Green Ninja (and turn female for some reason) he/she then went to fight against Lord Garmadon, but Lord Garmadon succeeded and killed him/her. Lord Garmadon then sacrificed some of his power to turn back time from before Nya declared her engagement, but only Nya and him knew that this had happened so she didn't tell anyone about her and Jay. ??? then returned saying that his old goal was to become the Green Ninja and rid Ninjago of all evil but now his new goal is to destroy everything, took Kai's sword and killed Jay. He also blew up Skater Girl into many pieces and scattered them throughout Ninjago (because she is immortal and can rebuild herself). After this Nya became the Blue Ninja as a replacement of Jay.

The Search for Skater Girl Edit

The Ninja managed to gather all of Skater Girl's parts but the head after fighting against everyone from a power hungry sumo to Lord Garmadon. Unfortunately, whilst the Ninja were sleeping ??? scattered them all in different places. The ninja then got them all but the head again. They then fought against ??? for the head, but failed as he killed everyone but Kai, Lloyd and Sensei Wu. This made Kai mad and he handed his soul over to the Anger Beast inside him and unleashed it. It went on a rampage but Lloyd saved Kai's soul and defeated it. In the fight a portal to a strange world opened and ??? went inside it. Sensei Wu said not to follow. When ??? came back he was female like in the previous arc and revealed that he/she somehow found the Green Ninja's power in there. He/she wanted more so took Lloyd's, but it burnt his/her face and he/she fell on the floor in pain. Lord Garmadon came and said that he had put a special seal on Lloyd that would curse whoever took his power. ??? ran away and Takeshi came and revived everyone mysteriously.

Trivia Edit

  • Sensei Wu hates him.